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Here’s What You Should Consider Before Hiring A Personal Chef

The two pillars of a successful event in Des Moines are effective planning and impeccable execution. A little something goes amiss, and the fate of your event hangs in the balance.   Among the common nightmares disrupting the flow of the event are food complaints, which brings us to the question, “What measures should you have taken to ensure everything …

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French Cuisine Dinner Party Tips By Chef Marc Navailles

Hosting A French-Inspired Dinner Party? Here’s How To Do It Right

Sure, France is known for romance, but have you ever been invited to a French dinner party? The experience is nothing less than a gastronomical affair that you want to keep coming back to, again and again!    If you have been planning to host a French-inspired dinner party for your family and friends, we have a definitive guide for …

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Christmas gathering

Entertaining At Home This Holiday Season In Des Moines? Hire A Personal Chef

Sure, spring blooms take your breath away, but the cozy autumn affair is something you look forward to, too. For starters, it kickstarts the holiday season! While 2020 was not the year of hosting outlandish parties with friends and family gathered under your roof, making toasts, relishing a meticulously planned delicious menu paired with exquisite wines, 2021 is definitely going …

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