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Here’s What You Should Consider Before Hiring A Personal Chef

The two pillars of a successful event in Des Moines are effective planning and impeccable execution. A little something goes amiss, and the fate of your event hangs in the balance.


Among the common nightmares disrupting the flow of the event are food complaints, which brings us to the question, “What measures should you have taken to ensure everything is spick and span in the food department?” The short answer is hiring a personal, corporate event chef in Des Moines. BUT you cannot just get on board the first recommendation you receive. You want nothing but the best. After all, the goal is to impress your clients and ensure your employees have a great time. Both are guaranteed if delectable food is served.  


We have made a list of four things you must consider before hiring a personal chef for your upcoming corporate event in Des Moines. Read on!

1. Does the chef have the right temperament?

The chef will be playing the leading role in the kitchen, from maintaining an inventory and managing the staff to preparing the food. There is a lot to do in a limited time. So, the chef must excel at his job, remaining calm under intense pressure.


How do you determine the right temperament?

The right chef for the job will be the one who knows how to command the team without being disrespectful. He should know how to handle different scenarios. If a glitch arises in the kitchen, he should know how to react sensibly and come up with a constructive solution. 

2. Does the chef bring the promise of quality? 

A great chef with ample experience in tailoring menus for corporate events will recognize excellence instantly. 

Not only will he pick out the freshest ingredients, but he will also be adept in food presentation and plating techniques. He will ensure his team is not wasteful with ingredients. He will ensure the food is cooked just right to pack palatable flavors. 

3. Does the chef exhibit detail-orientedness? 

Tailoring menus and managing inventories are important roles of a personal corporate chef’s job description. 

You don’t want a chef who over-orders perishable ingredients because he did not go through the inventory correctly. Or someone who cannot perform under tremendous pressure and ends up serving bland food to your corporate guests.  

So, pick wisely. Take a thorough look at the chef’s website, experiences, and culinary education to get a fair idea of their detail-orientedness. Talking to them about your event goals and food expectations and asking them to loop in with helpful suggestions will also give you clarity about how great a fit they are for the role. 

4. Does the chef have knowledge and experience? 

A chef with an excellent culinary background and extensive experience at renowned restaurants will surely please your guests’ taste buds. 

Chef Marc Navailles checks both the boxes, making him the perfect corporate event chef in Des Moines. He is classically trained in French gastronomy and fuses his techniques with more familiar American tastes to create delicious dishes. 

Contact Chef Marc to discuss your corporate event’s gastronomical goals. You can get in touch with him at 786-368-7988 or drop a mail at

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