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French Cuisine Dinner Party Tips By Chef Marc Navailles

Hosting A French-Inspired Dinner Party? Here’s How To Do It Right

Sure, France is known for romance, but have you ever been invited to a French dinner party? The experience is nothing less than a gastronomical affair that you want to keep coming back to, again and again! 


If you have been planning to host a French-inspired dinner party for your family and friends, we have a definitive guide for you. From chef recommendations to effortlessly elegant table settings, we have got you covered. So, are you ready to bring home the magic of a French-inspired dining experience? 


For an authentic flavor fest, hiring a personal chef for a French dinner in Des Moines is just the right thing to do. Chef Marc Navailles is whom you want to contact. 


Here are the other four golden rules to host the perfect French dinner party in Des Moines:

1. If you are doing the grocery shopping, do it the farm-to-table way 

Farm-to-table is a way of life in France. It is best to shop fresh from specialty shops and the farmer’s market. So, get the bread from a bakery and cheese from a cheese store. You will get premium raw materials to prepare the dishes, which means palatable food on the table!

Also, go for seasonal ingredients and plan your menu around what you find at the local market.

2. Opt for table settings that effortlessly reflect elegance

Want to really French it up? Remember, the French way is all about effortless beauty.

Set the table with your nicest dishes and fancy cloth napkins. To elevate the aesthetics of the dining area, you can incorporate seasonal touches, for example, mini pumpkin place cards for seating arrangements.

Don’t forget to put some autumn flowers in the vase, like the purple fountain grass, and light some scented candles. BUT avoid overcrowding the table. 

3. Play some relaxing background music to set the mood for the French dinner party 

Calming music playing in the background will create a cozy, welcoming setting for your guests. 

Pick a playlist that is soothing but not distracting to set the tone for the evening.

4. Put ‘having a fabulous time’ on the menu

Your guests not only want to relish the delectable dishes but also want to have fun and create memories. So, instead of spending all your time in the kitchen preparing the meal, be an ideal host and sit with them to enjoy each other’s company. 


It is best to hire a personal chef for a French dinner in Des Moines. Your chef can worry about serving the dishes, from the appetizers to the dessert, while you entertain your guests. 


Decided the weekend for hosting your French dinner party in Des Moines? Call Chef Marc Navailles at 786.368.7988 to check his availability.

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