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Entertaining At Home This Holiday Season In Des Moines? Hire A Personal Chef

Sure, spring blooms take your breath away, but the cozy autumn affair is something you look forward to, too. For starters, it kickstarts the holiday season!

While 2020 was not the year of hosting outlandish parties with friends and family gathered under your roof, making toasts, relishing a meticulously planned delicious menu paired with exquisite wines, 2021 is definitely going to be.

Have you started the planning for hosting an elaborate Christmas dinner at your Des Moines home already? Or is it going to be a New Years Day gathering of loved ones with fun, laughter, and a lavish four-to-six course meal?

Either way, hiring a personal chef in Des Moines is guaranteed to turn your party into a gastronomy affair the guests will be talking about till the next year’s festivities. For those of you looking for recommendations, Master Chef Marc Navailles will tailor a seasonal menu bursting with flavors to treat your guests’ palate.  

Cooking a romantic dinner for two or a weekend family brunch is starkly different from cooking a sumptuous meal for a party. We will give you three apt reasons to pick up that phone to hire a personal chef.

1. Less Hassle, More FUN

You want to be there to welcome your guests rather than sauteing onions and garnishing foods when the doorbell rings. You want to enjoy the meal with them, from the starters to the dessert, rather than serving the foods.

Basically, you want to be part of the fun and not tirelessly work in the kitchen.

Why spend your time worrying if the dishes will be prepared on time? Or wondering if they will pan out to your liking? With a personal chef in the house, you can relax and relish the bites of goodness served on your plate with your family and friends.

2. Focus on Other Essentials of a Successful Home Party

Whether you have invited over business colleagues or are throwing a party to meet all your friends together, hiring a personal chef in Des Moines will ensure you have free time for equally important matters other than food.

Think, staging your home. When your colleagues or neighbors are coming over, you want to leave the right impression. If you are busy with grocery shopping and fashioning a menu, you may not get enough time to revamp your home for the party.

3. Delightful Dishes on the Menu

Trying new recipes may be your thing, but when pleasing the taste buds of a large group is on the cards, a personal chef with years of culinary experience is the right choice.

It goes beyond just cooking. Presentation is another skill personal chefs master. The way they plate food complements the delectable meal, making it look more appetizing.

Personal chefs also curate a menu for your party, ensuring it has the perfect blend of flavors.

And the Party Begins!

To sum it up, it is more convenient when you have a personal chef in Des Moines taking care of your kitchen while you entertain at home.

Are you interested in checking the schedule of Chef Marc Navailles for the holiday season? You can contact him at 786-368-7988.

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