French Cuisine Dinner Party Tips By Chef Marc Navailles

French Cuisine Dinner Party Hosting – 4 Amazing Tips To Do It Right

French Cuisines Dinner Party Hosting – sounds touch but it’s not. Here are 4 amazing tips for you to make it a perfect event.

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Mediterranean Cuisine Introduction By Marc Navailles

Mediterranean Cuisine Introduction For The Epicures

Mediterranean Cuisine introduction by Chef Marc Navailles. Explore the famous dishes from his Greek Menu. This 2 min. read is a must if you’re “The Epicures”.

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All payments must be done by check, money orders or cash.

A party is not booked or guaranteed until both parties have signed and agreed on the proposal.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book the date and the staff.

Final payments are due four (4) days before the event.

A 20% charge for service and gratuities will be added to your invoice.

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