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4 to 6 Course

Classic French Dinner


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Whether you are entertaining in your own home or planning a corporate event, you can rest assured the expertly tailored seasonal menu prepared by renowned and classically trained French Chef Marc Navailles will be the talk of the event.

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How it works

The process begins by meeting with Chef Marc in your home or event location to determine the kitchen setup, appliances, utensils, and plating options. Dinner & glassware can be provided if needed.

Chef Marc will do all the shopping for the dinner, making purchases of prime ingredients from local suppliers. 

On the day of the dinner, most of the prep and cooking will be completed in your kitchen.

It is suggested that for every 12 guests, there be one waiter to coordinate which can be arranged for a fee.

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Chef Marc Navailles

Chef Marc was born in South West France and grew up in the Basque country between France and Spain.

He immigrated to the US in 1977 and began working at L’Ermitage and L’Escargot in California.

He then went on to work in renowned French restaurants in Scottsdale, New York, & Miami, before continuing his culinary journey to own and operate restaurants in Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, and France.

Although classically trained and becoming a Master Chef in French gastronomy in 1992, he fuses his techniques with more familiar American tastes to create dishes that are sure to please those in the Des Moines market.

French Chef Marc Navailles, Des Moines, Iowa

Classic French

Paella Party

Greek Feast

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